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Formed as a warehouse duo in 2003 by old friends Eliza Jones and Brandon Beaver, “Buried Beds” grew over several years into a chamber group of banjos, string quartets, electric guitars, broken glass, and aching harmonies. Their Americana influenced melancholy won them “Best Band” in Philadelphia Magazine's "Best of Philly 2004" issue and a spot on the Believer Magazine’s yearly music compilation. They went on to record the lush and beautiful “Empty Rooms” in 2005.

Deeply embedded in the Philadelphia music scene, Beaver was a founding member and guitarist of the avant-prog rock outfit “Make a Rising” and is a tenor in the indie-rock glee club “Silver Ages.” Jones plays with the raucous old-time City Wide Specials, and the art-pop Mural and the Mint and has sung on at least a dozen recent albums including the latest releases from “Man Man”, “Dr. Dog” and “Me Without You.”

They were joined in 2004 by Thomas Bendel (drummer extraordinaire) and Tom Mallon (bass magic) and soon after by Hallie Sianni (string siren). After many years of goodtimes, Mallon retired to be "#1 dad" and conquer entertainment news and was replaced by the handsome Dave Hartley (Nightlands/War on Drugs).

On their sophomore album "Tremble the Sails", Buried Beds trades delicate banjos for dueling guitars to create a landscape where love, death and your future-self throw a party. After recording drums and bass on the awesome tape machine at the Dr. Dog studio, the album was recorded almost entirely in their pajamas in Eliza's living room. It was mixed by Nick Krill of The Spinto Band and came to life. The album is more alive than the first; maintaining a focus on careful arrangements but summoning the chaos and energy of Rock and Roll.


NPR SONG OF THE DAY: 11/23/2011
Buried Beds' sound has naturally evolved in the intervening years, fleshed out and spiked with a bit of anthemic urgency: "Steady Hand" opens Tremble the Sails on an auspicious note, building majestically as its strings, guitars and boy-girl harmonies combine to form a sweetly soaring roar. -NPR

Buried Beds' most recent project -- the release of Small Stories EP and accompanying film -- is a truly warm offering that sounds as much like a love letter to music as it sounds like a love letter from music. You would do well to spend some time in its company. -Buzzine

A young band with a seemingly innate flair for elegant melodrama, Philadelphia's Buried Beds sound remarkably assured on 'Po Tolo,' a self-released five-song EP that's so achingly sad, it's enough to slow the blood. Principal members Eliza Hardy and Brandon Beaver know how to lend a rustic feel—aided by piano, lap steel, and a generous application of strings—to angsty, heart-on-the-sleeve melancholia that sounds both winsome and wise...
—The Onion

And now, after great internal struggle, comes Tremble the Sails. It's a big, dreamy rock album. It's catchy. It's ambitious. It's wonderfully, unabashedly lush...Tremble the Sails is thick with bold solos and hummable melodies.
-Patrick Rapa, Philadelphia City Paper, June 2010

A band with surprisingly tight arrangements and an over-the-top knack for nailing good pop vibes. They jammed, sang and rocked that afternoon like it was their second nature....The new album, spanning 11 tracks, is a finely crafted pop experience with catchy gems peppered throughout....It's that kind of wit, wrapped in a package of endearing, dazzling songs, that makes Tremble the Sails such a joy to listen to. It's also a rather lush affair, with a fine polish
-Brian Rademaekers,, June 2010

Buried Beds’ new album is a collection of creative, well crafted songs, high on melody and charm.
-Bruce Warren, & Some Velvet Blog. June 2010
some velvet blog

The folk-pop outfit’s follow-up to 2006’s Empty Rooms is an unswerving love affair with sun-lit harmonies and pastoral melodies...Mixed by The Spinto Band’s Nick Krill, the overall delicate charm of Buried Beds’ latest effort is affably rattled by expressive upsurges of satiated symphonies...If only one thing can be said about Tremble the Sails, it’s that it represents the better parts of this city – where underneath streets dusted with tension and grit, there’s a hidden beacon of hopefulness."
-Annamarya Scaccia, The Deli Magazine, Deli CD of the Month for July 2010
deli magazine

Their hour-long set is a joyous thrillride of new material...Deafening applause proves their transition to rock a success—Buried Beds are back, and amazingly, better than ever."
-Kate Bracaglia reviewing the CD release show,, June 2010

One of Philadelphia's most talented local indie bands-
Gabrielle Bonghi,, June 2010